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Jetta’s “D” mixes are as distinct as the Detroit communities they represent. The "D" Eastside Mix®  is a spicy combination of caramel, white cheddar, cheddar cheese, and hot cheddar, while The "D" Westside Mix® is a laid back mix of caramel, white cheddar, cheddar cheese, and barbeque.

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"My favorite popcorn come from my hometown Detroit!"

- Tune-up Man

"This popcorn is AHHHMAZING OMG I was gnawing on my fingers like a raccoon!"

- CoCo The Comic

"The Queen of Pop will make it drop!!! Detroit have a Queen of Popcorn, Mrs. Jetta Gourmet Popcorn, you will have a New Love! You heard if from Kathy Grimes (I approve this message)!"

- Kathy Grimes